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1. Introduction
2. Elements
   a) Products
   b) Users and customers
   c) Basket and orders
   d) Aditional elements
3. General structure
4. Base pages
   a) Products
   b) Pricelists and documents
   c) Ordering
   d) Your account
5. Aditional pages
   a) About company
   b) Contact
   c) Help
6. Admin site
   a) Products management
   b) Management of Customers
   c) Orders Management
   d) Company's Information
   e) Administrators
   f) Offers
   g) Other information
   h) Newsletters
7. Used technologies

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» 5. Aditional pages » a) About company


a)   About the company

This group comprises the pages with general information about the company, letters of reference by clients, projects, partners, etc.

-    About the company [screen] - a static page with information about the company (may consist of several pages);

-    Our clients [screen] – a dynamic page with reference to important or successful company clients. Its content is based on the information entered in the database. In fact there are three pages: a homepage with brief description and a list of the most important clients, the second page with a full list of the clients and the third page with detailed information about every client as follows:

o    Name and description of the client;

o    Information about the client's activity and the industry he represents;

o    Link to the client's web page (URL).

-    Our projects [screen] – a dynamic page comprising references of successful projects, developed by the company. Its content is based on the information entered in the database. There are two pages here: a homepage with a brief introduction and a list of all projects (entered in the database) and the second page with detailed information about the project as follows:

o    Project name;

o    Name, graphic logo and description of the client-company;

o    Main Features;

o    Specific Solution;

o    Information on the resources used in the development: team, time needed, etc.;

o    Link to the client's web page (URL) or to the project.

-    Partners [screen] – сa static page with information about the company's partners. It may comprise several pages with appropriate presentation of every partner and the type of partnership (on distribution, representation, etc. basis);

-    News [screen] – a dynamic page with company's news or important events. It comprises three pages: a page with the latest news grouped by sectors and chronologically; news can be sorted by sectors. The second page is accessible via a hyperlink from the news title and it displays all the information in the news: date, title, source, author, city, full text. The third page is also accessible via a hyperlink - this is an archive of all news in the database which can be sorted by sectors.

about copany

our clients

our projects





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