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1. Introduction
2. Elements
   a) Products
   b) Users and customers
   c) Basket and orders
   d) Aditional elements
3. General structure
4. Base pages
   a) Products
   b) Pricelists and documents
   c) Ordering
   d) Your account
5. Aditional pages
   a) About company
   b) Contact
   c) Help
6. Admin site
   a) Products management
   b) Management of Customers
   c) Orders Management
   d) Company's Information
   e) Administrators
   f) Offers
   g) Other information
   h) Newsletters
7. Used technologies

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» 6. Admin site » d) Company's Information


d)   Company’s Information:

-    Company [screen]

Enter and Edit company related data. This is the page to enter the company’s address, currency of the deal, company’s bank details (if the payment shall be effected by bank transfer), etc.


company information



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