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1. Introduction
2. Elements
   a) Products
   b) Users and customers
   c) Basket and orders
   d) Aditional elements
3. General structure
4. Base pages
   a) Products
   b) Pricelists and documents
   c) Ordering
   d) Your account
5. Aditional pages
   a) About company
   b) Contact
   c) Help
6. Admin site
   a) Products management
   b) Management of Customers
   c) Orders Management
   d) Company's Information
   e) Administrators
   f) Offers
   g) Other information
   h) Newsletters
7. Used technologies

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» 6. Admin site » f) Offers


o    Configuration content [screen]

This is the page with offer content. Every offer can contain one or more configurations with one or more products in it. Their list is shown after the configuration. Every configuration can be edited and deleted. Its name is link to the edit page.

There is a possibility to enter new configuration - name, quantity, currency, show total, show the price for every product, witch price level to be used and a descriptive text.

o    Edit configuration [screen]

This is the page for editing the configuration - its products, their quantity and show order.

Every product can be replaced with another from the same store and department and can be deleted.

There is a button for changing quantities and show order of all configuration products and a table for product witch are not stored in the database.






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