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1. Introduction
2. Elements
   a) Products
   b) Users and customers
   c) Basket and orders
   d) Aditional elements
3. General structure
4. Base pages
   a) Products
   b) Pricelists and documents
   c) Ordering
   d) Your account
5. Aditional pages
   a) About company
   b) Contact
   c) Help
6. Admin site
   a) Products management
   b) Management of Customers
   c) Orders Management
   d) Company's Information
   e) Administrators
   f) Offers
   g) Other information
   h) Newsletters
7. Used technologies

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» 6. Admin site » c) Orders Management


-    Taxes

A page to enter the taxes applied in the countries where the trader is doing his business. The system allows these taxes (most often VAT) to be calculated in the orders values depending on the country (or state) of the deal. Consists of three dynamic pages - one containing the list of taxes, one for editing and one for entering of a new tax.

o    List [screen]

A list of the taxes is displayed on this page. Links to Edit and Delete functions are available next to every tax. At the beginning of the table there is a link to New Tax function (to page New Tax).

o    Edit

Fields to edit the selected tax are displayed. Links to Save and Cancel are available next to the fields.

There is a backward button to the list of taxes.

o    New Tax

The page displays a table of fields to enter tax related data and links to Save and Cancel functions.

There is a backward button to the list of taxes.





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